How to Get Girl Number in USA, UK and India 2023 Easily for Friendship

Learn how to Get Girl Number 2023: You need A girl phone number, Right? Most likely, to get a girls number in the first meeting is pretty much a work of art with a slight twist of luck. If you are in search for good looking women for a long term relationship or for getting laid, then you should learn the art on how to approach women first.

Some of our friends also want to learn ‘How to approach a girl on the street and get her number?‘ and How to get unknown girl number. If you are looking for Indian girls whatsapp number, So let’s get started.

Not all men can have the courage to go to a girl and ask her get a girls number right away, some have the fortunate charm to get the job done in no time. If you happen to be one of those whose luck doesn’t wok out all the time, maybe a few steps of learning can help.

Perhaps learning ‘How to Get Girls Number‘ is the most challenging task you can ever have when you are out in the society pub. In reality, numerous guys are ready to spend money and lend ears just to get a girl’s number for dating. It’s the stepping stone to get the ideal relationship with a prospect and perhaps end up happily ever after.

Get a girls number, a beautiful girl watching her smartphone screen in shopping Mall
Beautiful girl in shopping Mall

Fortunately, how to get girl number online can be summed up into a non-complex method which can be helpful to guys who doesn’t have sufficient guts to ask it out from a woman. Get ready for a treat because after reading this, you are ready to devour yourself with confidence on how to get a girl’s number and you’ll learn What to say when a girl refuses to give you her number.

5 best ways on How to Get Girl Number Easily in USA, UK, Canada and India 2023

Confidence and Skills – To Get Girls Number for friendship

Being Confident on How To Get A Girls Number: Suck it all up and be confident. It’s an unlimited chance that you should be thankful for. Act like you are the boss, not the other way around. If you feel inferior, girls would most likely think little of you and most probably neglect your propositions. On how to get a girl’s number, you should gear up and be the best that you can be: dress up neatly, practice your lines and most of all, believe that you are destined to succeed and not to fail, it will boost your confidence to the highest level.

To get good looking women, a huge bank account, an expensive suit and a charming smile is just a few prerequisite. However, getting girls does not entirely count on these stuffs. All you have to do is to gather every confidence and skills you have and say the words upfront with wit and style.

Mingle and Get A Girl Number

Perhaps the best way to get a girls number is to mingle with them in the best places to meet women. They say a place can tell the general characteristic of a woman you are seeking for. A socialite party can gather around rich and intelligent girls while a club can offer you approachable, desperate and not so high-maintenance girls.

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The place is your choice depending on your preference but be sure that you are on the right site for hunting the single female breed to prevent complications.
Being presentable is a must. You do not go into a pool of good looking woman wearing a not-so-good trend. Fitting in is a key. Make sure you wear something nice, groom yourself well and most of all, feel good about yourself. If your self-esteem is boosted, there’s no hard way on how to get a girls number. one more thing, you must check our 15 romantic date ideas.

Get A Girls Number – Be a Man

Be a man and get yourself together before approaching. Start with a safe line that compliments a woman realistically. Being upfront is good but never do it in an insulting way. Conversations are the basic foundation of an interaction. Listening to what she says is highly required, it will make a good listener and it is a great tool to really get to know a woman’s characteristics. If she finds you interesting, she will always ask for more and would never hesitate to get a girls number.

Battle Field On How to get girl WhatsApp number

Buckle up and be prepared. Going to a battle without any armour will most likely end you up with a wounded heart. Being ready is one of the most initial things you should do before you go to the battle field on how to get a girls number. Most men would panic with the thought of talking to girls or worse; asking them out on a date. How to get a girl’s number is not as complicated as it seems; of course, not everybody will approve of you and you must take that reality into mind. Getting rejected by one doesn’t generally mean you are doomed with women.

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Make The First Move Flawless to get a girls number

Make the first move on how to get a girls number flawless. Indeed, the first move is the hardest step to take. What to do and what to say on how to get a girls number is the most mind-boggling challenge. The first move is always to look presentable and send out positive signals for her to pick up. Eye contact is the best way to connect almost immediately with a person. They say the eye can speak a thousand words, get the clue and start a conversation as soon as she sends out the right sign.

Start up a conversation with a nice line, not cheesy and definitely not something you picked up from a movie. You can use your best Pick up lines to get a girls number. Honesty and being yourself is the best way to achieve the goal. Pretensions will only send you off to failure academy. When a conversation sparks, time to put an interesting topic and always remember to listen! Listening is the greatest weapon, girl’s love guys who listens. Do not jump straight into getting her number. Speak and act like you are interested in her and most likely, you’ll end up succeeding on how to get a girls number and get a big chance to see her again.

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